Is this right for me?


Could be.  If you’re open to a new form of approach gaining  avenues of referral leads-not the tired real estate agents, open house and social media-and ramping up your FTHB, Move-Down, Move-Up or refinance penetration, then yes.

If you are agile enough to have ideas to new technology but traditional ways of face-to-face contact, then yes.  

This hybrid marketing will tip the capital and flow in your favor. 

What Is It I Am Gaining?


What I coin ‘Critical Connection Marketing’.  You’re putting a personal sales touch on strategic channels for partnership and with market buyers.  You’ll reach contacts you did not think were possible.  I am here to help facilitate this process. 

What’s the time frame I can expect a return?


You should expect some results immediately.  In terms of ROI there is no one size fits all.

What you can expect is a continual list of contacts to prospect and partner with so your lead flow is endless giving you time to focus more on working deals with lenders on their behalf and less time prospecting. 

How is this lead service different?


A mix of referral and direct sales campaigns are applied in multiple channels to allow your business to scale quickly.  This is different because the majority of these campaigns are highly targeted and personalized and typically receive a 20%-70% response rate-a number unheard of in advertising. 

Will you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?


Yes.  A Non-Disclosure Agreement can be signed before proceeding on your project if you have proprietary information that I am privy to. 

Who do you work with?


Equipped to handle enterprise up to 5,000.  Let’s talk. 

If larger than that, we’re not a good fit.  Send an e-mail noting what you’d like to develop further and I can give you qualified referrals.

So How Much Are We Talking?

The strategy call is at no cost.  In this call, we learn what your end game is, how your product fits the marketplace, whether you have a specified need for this type of marketing, and if we’re an ideal fit.

Should you choose to move forward, the first month is:

  • Extensive Research on your industry (if needed), competitors, interviews with colleagues and opportunity finding
  • Reporting to you on these findings and determining best campaign fit
  • Based on feedback, revising and determining most strategic methods to make you more competitive and gain continual lead flow.   

In Month 2-3 depending on the complexity of the campaign, a project investment will incur also.  

This is the most personal and targeted form of marketing which strategically places you ahead of your rivals.  

For details, visit the pricing page.  


So what are you waiting for?  Let’s crush your anticipated milestone and gain back-to-back borrowers in your pipeline. You can grow gradually or scale quickly.  It’s really up to you.


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