More than Referrals

Have you ever thought on ways to increase your referrals.  Sure, you may get the bulk of referrals from your customers because of your stellar workmanship but, what about the rest?  Say 80% comes from referrals.  The other 20%?  Online advertising?  Print ads?  TV spots?

Video marketing is definitely encouraged because all it takes is a little grit and grind in the beginning and then proves to be a profitable trickle of leads coming in if done correctly.

But what about COI (center of influence)?  This has the capacity to put your business on overdrive even during down season in late winter and spring.  But I’m not just calling to the usual suspects like real estate agents and home builders.  Let’s explore other options below…


Now of course you’re able to brainstorm a lot more options I’m sure but you get the point.  Do you see how powerful this can become with a tiered referrals system that is client-centric?

I hope you found this method of prospecting fruitful.  Make it happen!

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